When the Berlitz Method® was introduced more than 140 years ago, it changed the way language was taught. Since then, millions of men and women over the world have learned to speak new languages through this conversational teaching method. Based on listening and speaking, Berlitz’s method is the most natural way to learn a language. Today, the Berlitz Method is the standard way by which language learning is measured.

Berlitz offers language training in more than 50 languages, including English language learning, Spanish language learning, German, French, Mandarin and Arabic.

Berlitz provides all levels of language instruction, from the Beginner level through the Professional level. Highly trained, native-fluent instructors give your employees confidence to speak and understand the new language. Berlitz offers consistent delivery across the kingdom of customizable content with vocabulary tailored to your needs. All of what Berlitz teaches are abided by quality assurance with students’ progress reports and student tracking and reporting to measure return on investment.

All Berlitz English language learning programs are based on the proven Berlitz Method® and are taught by highly trained, native-fluent speakers. Berlitz face-to-face English courses include both private and group instruction, with an accelerated private program for fast English language learning results.

Berlitz Total Immersion® is the world’s fastest language learning solution. This intensive, private instructional program is designed to teach professionals to communicate in most business and social settings in as little as one to three weeks. The individual meets daily with two instructors at once. Content is completely customized. Daily training modules simulate a variety of real-life situations, so the individual quickly becomes confident using the new language in both one-on-one and group situations, in person and over the phone. 

Berlitz Private Instruction offers the greatest flexibility and personalization. It is custom designed to meet each individual’s language learning objectives and schedule. It can include specific language related to the organization’s needs of the individual’s job. With the instructor’s undivided attention, the individual spends half the time speaking and half listening—so he or she is learning 100 percent of the time. Individuals can progress at their own pace and receive immediate, specific feedback from the instructor.

Berlitz Corporate Group Instruction is an economical way to provide language instruction for teams or co-workers who are at similar proficiency levels and who have the same needs and objectives. Groups are kept small for personalized attention to each participant. To maximize your employees’ productivity, the Berlitz instructor can come to your site.

Berlitz Levels & Course Materials

At Berlitz, we have

 Absolute Beginner – no ability in the language or knowledge limited to isolated words and/or phrases. Pre-level 1 + literacy program for true beginners, so you can learn English from scratch. 


Level 1.English language learning is sufficient to communicate in a very limited way, with the simplest oral and listening tasks and situations. 

Level 2. At the functional level, the users have a basic command of the language needed in a limited range of simple, routine and familiar tasks and situations. 


Level 3. Users can handle most uncomplicated communicative tasks and routine social and work situations. They can follow the general meaning of a conversation about familiar subjects in our collaborative English courses. 

Level 4. At the intermediate level, users are able to re-fashion and combine learned material to meet their immediate communication and learning needs and fully learn English speaking. They are able to comprehend information on familiar topics in contextualized settings and produce sustained conversation with others on an expanding variety of general topics. 


Level 5. Users can, to an extent, initiate, sustain and conclude most routine communicative tasks for personal and work needs. 

Level 6. At the upper intermediate level of our English language course, the users have assimilated the essentials of the English language learning. They can communicate competently and comfortably in many personal contexts, and can find different ways of formulating what they want to express. 


Level 7. Users can begin to create with the language in more complex, cognitively demanding situations, and are able to use it as a means for learning in other personal, academic or professional areas. 

Level 8. At the advanced levels users communicate effectively and appropriately even in demanding oral tasks and situations, like conducting a meeting. They can participate easily in social and professional conversations, and can deal comfortably with most subjects over the telephone. 


Level 9. Users communicate effectively with various audiences on a wide range of familiar and new topics to meet most personal, academic or professional demands. These demands include many which presume experiences in public speaking, so you can learn English speaking and critical listening. 

Level 10. At the professional level, users have full command of the language. They understand and can use all linguistic structures as well as a wide range of vocabulary items as broad and deep as that of most educated native speakers. Level 10 students’ communication is fluent, appropriate and well-organized; They can develop ideas in speech clearly and coherently. 

Berlitz Material 

The success of Berlitz also continues in our modern, practical course materials. With current topics from daily life situation and the world of business, the course materials are always interesting. 

Our course Materials are innovative, goal-oriented with authentic content and practical relevance. Berlitz’s comprehensive multimedia materials are the exercise book, website, audio CD, English magazine, introduction to language for business which is readily available from Level 3 onwards. 

Berlitz’s English courses enables you to not only learn English grammar lessons and vocab, but also to learn English speaking so you can speak with confidence, proficiently. Our English speaking course is amongst the fundamentals of English language learning, to give you an integrated English language course.